Excellence Technician Award


The Award

Ibdaa architectural office, the patron and organizer of the IBDAA ARCHICAD excellence technician award is proud to recognize the outstanding achievement of yearly enrolled participating trainees by honoring the first winner a 1000 L.E. prize.

All diligent entries will be published in the forthcoming issue of Tasmeem magazine.

The first three entries are honored with a One year subscription in Tasmeem magazine.


The Aim

Ibdaa Architectural Award is a realm in which ideas can be explored and rationalized. Students can demonstrate excellence in implementing ArchiCAD in all design fields including furniture, and accessories.

We are honored to encourage Ibdaa trainees to deal with all design aspects, finding solutions to emerging challenges and coping with the pace of imagination.


Jury and Evaluation Criteria

The jury is comprised of carefully selected distinguished individuals of professional practices.

Projects will not be judged in competition with each other, but rather by measuring the trainee’s performance against each aspect of ArchiCAD.

Projects will equally merit the award based on the trainee’s skill in demonstrating good knowledge and use of ArchiCAD.


Eligibility and Submission

Only projects from trainees, conducted the ArchiCAD level one or advanced courses at Ibdaa architectural office, will be recognized.


IBDAA ARCHICAD excellence technician Award

Enrolled participants should submit their work by December 1st.

To submit your work via email, Kindly send file and contact information to ibdaa@ibdaa.com.eg